“As an MBA student alongside Alwyn at Nova Southeastern University, we had numerous courses together in which he excelled in all aspects of the coursework. His tenacity to understand a company’s financial structure enabled the team to receive numerous accolades and high grades on many case assignments. Alwyn has great character, which reflects in his willingness to assist team members with assignments; his competitive nature, and motivation to learn, will position him to become a great leader!”

Francine Dinnall, MBA, PMP, CSM, Information Technology Portfolio Project Manager, JM Family


“Alwyn Sulman was my student in the MBA program at Huizenga School of Business at Nova Southeastern University.  I had an opportunity to test his business analytical skills, management skills, and his ability to manage teamwork. In the strategy simulation, his team under his leadership was ranked 5th in the top 50 companies in the global strategy competition.

He possesses an in-depth knowledge of all the functions of the business, and adjusts to the changing environment to accomplish the given task. He has a good understanding and knowledge of the strategic planning, corporate finance, operation management, and possesses leadership skills. I had several opportunities to discuss business and strategy issues and evaluate his individual and team performance as a graduate student, and I believe he will be an asset to any business organization. He is a young, energetic, and motivated individual who is eager to learn. I will highly recommend him to the position he is applying for in your company.”

Dr. Mohammed R. Ahmed, Professor, Nova Southeastern University