Alwyn Kenzo Sulman



Being able to use my analytical, problem solving and leadership skill set that I have created throughout the years and help build and maintain new/existing products or services through analysis that will be a contributing factor to the growing success of the company.



Nova Southeastern University
USA, FL, MBA Program, October, 2011, 3.68 GPA
TALK International School of Languages
USA, FL, Expert of Business English, 2009
Northwood University
USA, FL, Bachelor of International Business, 2009
IVA Driebergen
Netherlands, IVA A, Management, 2008



Marketing Assistant / Financial Analyst

Hairline Kappers, Maarssen, Netherlands                                                        January 2008 – September 2012
Supervised the design of the new company image (logo’s, salon presence, website).
Created a new marketing approach to save cost but reach a wider audience.
Analyzed financial numbers in regards to sales and cross-referenced with marketing efforts.
Utilized queries in an Access database in combination with Excel spreadsheets.
Financial Analysis duties included;
Most important part of the analysis for the salon was the forecasting of future financial data, this was done by utilizing the database with historical data regarding product sales and the revenue generated of services. With the forecast made; monthly sales targets and  performance analysis directly linked to team members could be created. Seasonal circumstances and the national economic situation had to be kept in mind.
Financial analysis was also used to create investment strategies, and assess current trends in business practices, products, and competition. Through this way a franchise could be set up that allowed the company to buy products at lower cost, offer products and services against a higher margin and eventually reach a higher profit.
The marketing analysis was performed with data that was made possible by market research. The research was conducted through use of third party data and data sheets made by customer feedback. The analysis consisted of competitor comparison and national data comparison, the outcome was used to create marketing strategies to reach a wider audience, attract more customers and if possible lower costs.
Real Estate
The real estate company consisted of renting out apartments and buying houses to convert into profitable projects. The real estate business in the Netherlands is highly regulated which made the financial forecasting rather difficult due to ever changing regulations.
The analysis done for the company consisted of forecasting revenue based on rental density, financial viability of customers, investment opportunities in the form of new property and lower cost opportunities due to agreements with local vendors.
Software used to perform both analysis is Microsoft Excel, Access and Project by the use of a VPN connection through a remote server setup. 
Sales Representative
Citroen Damste, Nieuwegein, Netherlands                                                                              February 2006 – August 2008
Managed the intake of new automobiles via an inventory tracking system.
Achieved and exceed monthly sales targets by analyzing and identifying customer needs and wants.
Provided customers with various financing options.



Business Strategy Game
Appointed strategic manager to create a business strategy to expand a company by seven times its original size
Generated a financial plan by using cost analysis
Created a production plan based on benchmarking and projected data
Designed a compensation plan determined by productivity which decreased production cost
My business strategy outperformed all the class teams and finished fifth worldwide
Business Modeling
Reduced errors in production processes by using Palisade Decision Suite I
Used quantitative analytical techniques
Utilized optimization and business modeling techniques
Used the concepts of statistics and management science
Business Management
Created business plans for new car dealerships
Determined the dealerships probability of success from the business plan
Designed financial outlay based on the supply side, production and market research
Calculated the probability of success based on the financial outlay



Microsoft Office Suite Products, including Visio and Project (Strong excel skills, VLOOKUP, Macro’s, database integration etc.)
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver (CS5.5 Suite)
HTML, PHP, CSS (Basic understanding of language)
SQL Server (MySQL database)
Palisade Decision Suite
Solidworks (basics)


Dutch (Fluent)
English (Fluent)
German (Basic Understanding)